About - Kelly Carmody
Sunset through the Grass, Oregon

My name is Kelly Carmody

I am a self-taught photographer from the rainy city of Portland, Oregon. With the Pacific Northwest as my treasure map, I discovered Oregon’s wild nature from an early age and haven't stopped exploring since. Living in Oregon for 20 plus years has not diminished its beauty and I’m still finding new places to go and new things to see.

My photographs represent bright snapshots of a world in constant change. Every moment has the potential to bring something new to my photography and I’m constantly learning by doing and watching. For me, landscape photography is often more about the time spent traveling to find the perfect shot, than it is about actually taking the shot. The quiet moments sitting and watching before snapping a photo are some of my favorites. I've found that the world has a lot to offer when I take the time to look and listen.

With my photos I hope to remind everyone to keep exploring, keep adventuring, get out there, see the world in new and different ways and take some time to appreciate those serene moments when they come!